Welcome to ADDRESS-2

the research project that is learning about the characteristics of people newly diagnosed with type 1 with diabetes in the UK, and at the same time supporting other research into type 1 diabetes.

Have you been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in the last 6 months?

Are you interested in helping with research?

How to get involved

Type 1 Diabetes Studies

Find out about the clinical trials and research studies looking for participants, that ADDRESS-2 is supporting.


We are the recruitment support network partner in the Type 1 Diabetes UK Immunotherapy Consortium.

Support for Researchers

ADDRESS-2 can help to identify and contact candidates for your study.

Improving access to research

ADDRESS-2 has been helping to put people with type 1 diabetes in contact with researchers running trials and other studies.

Other ways to get involved

If you are not eligible to join ADDRESS-2 there a number of ways to get information about type 1 diabetes research that might be of interest to you.

Helping researchers

ADDRESS-2 has been helping researchers to recruit to their trials and other studies.


We are working with NIHR on a project to test an app to make it easier for patients and the public to get information about research in the NHS - 'Our Research' app.  

Watch Diabetes UK's new video about type 1 diabetes.

Read the BBC report about a therapy to retrain the immune system in type 1 diabetes; results from a trial supported by ADDRESS-2.

Read the first paper reporting results from ADDRESS-2 published in BMJ Open.

Read about ADDRESS-2 on the National Institute for Health Research website.  

JDRF, co-funder of ADDRESS-2

The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation is honoured to be involved in this important initiative to encourage people with type 1 diabetes to get involved with research.

Karen Addington Chief Executive, JDRF UK

Diabetes UK, co-funder of ADDRESS-2

ADDRESS-2 is helping the UK to develop as a world leading place to do the types of immunotherapy studies that are needed to move forward treatment for type 1 diabetes.

Anna Morris Head of Research Funding, Diabetes UK