Half of ADDRESS-2’s participants also agreed to donate a blood sample when they were joined. From these samples we have generated a bioresource containing:

  • Extracted DNA
  • Serum
  • Peripheral blood lymphocytes

All samples are stored by the Public Health England European Collection of Cell Cultures, and can be made available for researchers to use for type 1 diabetes research approved by the ADDRESS-2 management committee. The linked-anonymous dataset of clinical and demographical data collected in ADDRESS-2 can also be made available alongside samples.

Management Committee approval should take no more than 1 month but requires ethical approval and full funding for a study. We recommend you contact the central study team in the course of applying for funding, to expedite the process and ensure we have sufficient samples to meet your needs. We will also require shipping charges are covered, however this cost is usually nominal.

We do require that studies which generate data from samples reciprocally share this with the ADDRESS-2 database once the project is complete to maximise the potential of the resource, with data including composite genetic risk scores and additional autoantibody measurements added to what we can provide since the study started. However, you will maintain exclusive use of the results for a period of 6 months after completion of the study.