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ADDRESS-2 is currently funded by Diabetes UK, and has in the past been supported by both JDRF UK and the National Institute for Health Research. These are all funding bodies who invest in and support research into type 1 diabetes in different ways. All of them also support people with the condition by signposting to information on how they can get involved in research, which includes suggesting this website to join ADDRESS-2 for those who have been diagnosed in the past six months!

All the information they provide can be found at the following links:

Helping to Guide Research

In addition to looking for people to take part in research studies themselves, researchers and funders are often looking for insight from people affected by a condition to shape what research is done, how it is carried out and then how the results are shared and used in practice. In research this process is broadly known as Patient and Public Involvement in research, or PPI. ADDRESS-2 itself has the Patient Advocate Group consisting of people living with type 1 diabetes to advise on many aspects of what we do.

New opportunities to get involved in PPI for type 1 diabetes research studies come up quite often and will be advertised by the people who need your insight. There are also longer term ways to help shape research as well, including:

• The NIHR have a page to submit topics for research, look for people with experience of a condition to assess research proposals and their funding schemes have places on the committee for PPI representatives

• As mentioned we at ADDRESS-2 also have a Patient Advocate group, and if you are interested in supporting the study this way then for more information please get in touch using the Contact Us page

• Diabetes UK have two main initiatives for PPI , the Grants Advisory panel who are involved in deciding what gets funded and the Diabetes Research Steering Groups who set priorities for research. More information on these and how to join can be found on their website

ADDRESS-2 is also a partner in the Type 1 Diabetes UK Immunotherapy Research Consortium

 Finding new and better treatments for type 1 diabetes             

T1DUK aims to:

•Develop and conduct new trials in type 1 diabetes

•Make the UK one of the best places to run trials

•Learn as much as we can about every participant in every trial

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