ADDRESS-2 as a resource to identify and contact candidates for studies in type 1 diabetes

On joining ADDRESS-2 participants register their interest in hearing about other opportunities to take part in type 1 diabetes research. They consent to be contacted about research studies for which they might be eligible by the central ADDRESS-2 team at Imperial College London, or the local research team at the site where they joined ADDRESS-2.

Participants newly diagnosed with type 1 diabetes are suited to clinical trials and studies in new-onset type 1 diabetes, and this is our main focus. With time, participants become eligible for studies in established diabetes and we support this too. Siblings may be suited to studies to prevent type 1 diabetes or to understand its development.

The biorepository and dataset

We store extracted DNA, serum and peripheral blood lymphocytes donated by ADDRESS-2 participants. The samples are stored by the Public Health England European Collection of Cell Cultures. The samples are available for researchers to use for type 1 diabetes research that has been given independent ethical approval.

The linked-anonymous dataset of clinical and demographical data collected in ADDRESS-2 is also available.

Who can use ADDRESS-2?

ADDRESS-2 can be used by commercial or academic researchers, local principle investigators and local branches of the NIHR Clinical Research Network.  Find out more about how to access ADDRESS-2 in our access documents.

We want to encourage more researchers to use ADDRESS-2 to help to recruit to their studies so that ADDRESS-2 participants hear about more of the research opportunities that are open to them, and at the same time we want to support researchers carrying out diabetes research.

The Management Committee

The Management Committee oversees use of ADDRESS-2. It is chaired by Prof Simon Howell, King’s College London. The members represent patients, type 1 diabetes researchers, clinical investigators, the funders past and present (Diabetes UK and the JDRF) and the study team. Applications from researchers to use ADDRESS-2, the biorespository or linked-anonymous dataset are assessed by the Management Committee.

How to find out more

If you would like to discuss using ADDRESS-2 to identify and contact candidates for a study in type 1 diabetes, or would like to discuss accessing samples in the biorepository or the pseudo-anonymous dataset, please contact us.