The ADDRESS-2 database contains both baseline information collected when participants join, follow-up data collected in the year after this and subsequent measurements made on samples. We are also currently in the process of pseudonymously linking data collected to ongoing data on participants’ long term health status collected clinically, and we hope to be able to make this available in the future.

Data has been collected on participants’ demographics, diabetes diagnosis (symptoms, fasting and resting blood glucose at diagnosis), medications, medical history, family history and clinical and biochemistry measurements from diagnosis. Additional data fields including genetic risk score generated by studies on ADDRESS-2 samples have been incorporated. Please note that not all are available for all participants. The full ADDRESS-2 data dictionary can be downloaded here .

If you need detail on which fields are available for which participants, you can send a feasibility request to the central ADDRESS-2 team to check. Management Committee approval should take no more than 1 month but requires ethical approval and full funding for a study.