Studies that have used ADDRESS-2 to find participants

The page summaries the outcomes so far from studies that have used ADDRESS-2 to get the message out to more eligible people that there was an opportunity to take part in type 1 diabetes research study.


This study showed that giving adults newly diagnosed with type 1 diabetes injections of a proinsulin peptide immunotherapy was safe. It also hinted that the new treatment might help people to keep making some of their own insulin.

Type 1 Diabetes Genetic Risk Score

Genetic samples from ADDRESS-2 participants are being used to investigate the usefulness of a type 1 diabetes genetic risk score.

Dr Kashyap Patel and Prof Andrew Hattersley from the University of Exeter have been given access to DNA samples from ADDRESS-2 as part of their investigation of genetic risk scores for diabetes. The Exeter research team developed a genetic risk score for type 1 diabetes based on genetic ‘signatures’ known to be associated with type 1 diabetes.